SEO Promotion

SEO stands for search engine optimizations are the process to crawl, index and rank a webpage on search engines against keywords. Proper SEO can rank your website/webpage against relevant keywords and make it sure that your potential buyers can see your site. Thus it generates “call-to-action” based task like sign up, subscribe, buy and generate revenues for you.

SEO promotion

SEO promotion

SEO is not a simple work. There are millions of websites which offers the same service/products to people. But a search engine like Google can shows only a few site at top rank. Remember than people don’t visit 10 to 20 sites for a service. A study on search engine visitors is given below which shows the behavior of CTR (Click Through Rate)

1st position= Get 50% click

2nd position= get 25% click

3rd position get 25% click

Top ranking on Google depends on a number of factors. The most important factors are incoming link (commonly known as backlinks).The more quality backlinks you have the better it is.